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This gallery includes:

:bulletred: Angry Birds and Bad Piggies (Mostly)
:bulletorange: Five Nights at Freddy's
:bulletblue: The Amazing World of Gumball (Mostly on the last page)
:bulletyellow: Minions (Mostly at the middle)
:bulletblack: Patapon (I still draw them but not as frequent as those above.)

Feel free to browse my gallery! :aww:


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Original meme by thEVAdorable-1

Red - He is most of the time stressed because of his duties (protecting the eggs, organizing the flock, cleaning the slingshot, etc.). When it's too much for him, he goes to his big brother Terence for a break. When he has nothing to do, he is mostly happy.

Ruby (Female Red Bird) - She cares for Red as she knew he has anger issues. She and Terence are the ones Red relies on for support. She likes to play wind instruments~.

Chuck - He is a hyperactive canary. He likes to do things fast, but breaks things as a result. But he care for the Eggs and the flock. Red is his best friend, along with Bomb.

The Blues - Jay, Jake, and Jim are like Chuck, but less destructive. They are very curious and also like to perform daring stunts. They also like to prank the other birds and extremely prank the pigs.

Stella - She is adventurous. She is also athletic like Chuck. At certain times, she can visit her friends on Golden Island. She and Gales are frienimies however...

Hal - He is a happy-go-lucky Emerald Toucanet. He likes to play all sorts of instruments, but he is mostly tied up to his banjo given to him by Chuck and Stella on one of his birthdays.

Bomb - He is a mix of Red and Hal, he is positive and has anger issues, but more destructive than Red's as he can explode. Red and Matilda helps him control his anger by self help books, tea, and ice cream.

Matilda - She is motherly to everyone in the flock. She is the 2nd most responsible bird in the flock and is the one less likely to get angered, unless itbis related to her cooking and her precious things like her plants.

Terence - Unlike canon Terence, my AU Terence can talk and is Red's big brother. It is because he remembered something in his past when he saved Red's flock in The Big Setup. He is mostly calm and does brotherly moments with Red when there's time (like looking at the sunset.). Red is the one most close to him than the others, but is still sociable.

Bubbles - He likes to go trick or treating in Halloween. In non-Halloween occaisons, he likes to prank like the Blues as The Blues were the first ones to find him (in the Ham'O'Ween Animation.).

Silver - She is the one who makes the flock laugh with her goofy sense of humor which she inheritted from the piggies. She is wild and hyperactive when battling the pigs on the levels as she is sure that she will pop them all in one shot.

Tony - He can talk in this AU. Ever since he lives in Finland, he makes sure his cousin Terence is comfortable during his stay. He also invites Terence to have fun in Finland like skiing, saunas, and more.

Gale - She is frienimies with Stella after their friendship fork. But at times of danger, she and Stella can be a great duo (To The Bitter End) or fight each other (The Storm). Above on Stella's Flock, she is still friends with Luca.

Dahlia - She loves things related to Science. Her intelligence helps Stella's flock knock off piggies easier. But she spends most of her time on her experiments than her friends, but will rush to her friends in times of need.

Willow - She is a shy Victoria Crowned Pigeon because of her top feathers. She likes to do fine arts and take care of nature and the critters, as she helps the critters break free in Angry Birds POP!. She mostly takes care of Luca when Stella is not around.

Luca - He likes to imitate the sounds he hear (Rock On!) and hangs out with Stella (Own the Sky). However, he hates bathtime (The Runaway). He is childish and adventurous.

Poppy - She is a wild cockatiel who has a passion on playing percussion instriments. The only bad thing about her is that there are times that she gets too carried aways on playing the drums (Rock On!). But she also cares for everyone, like her and Willow helping Stella overcome her fear of flying (Own the Sky).

Ice Bird - Upon meeting Red's Flock for the first time, he fends them away from his Golden Eggsteroid thinking that they can damage it. But on realizing that both of them has the same goal, he became allies with him in their Space adventures.

Mighty Eagle - He is a wise bald eagle who likes to tell stories with moral lessons to the flock. However, he doesn't like to go out of his cave, and the flock's only way to get him out of his shell is to summon him using sardines.
  • Listening to: Bluestone Alley


AngryBirdsStuff's Profile Picture
Bryan Barut
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Life is like a painting. I'm Bryan Barut, and my account name is AngryBirdsStuff. I want to join here because I want to show my work to everyone while appreciating yours too! I love to play Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. I also love to watch The Amazing World of Gumball.

Whatever you do, don't feel bad that your art is bad looking. Because in what Mickey Mouse said:

"In art, there is no right or wrong."

OK, now, here are my favorite characters of some of my selected series!


Angry Birds

:bulletred: 1st. Red (He's a leader. A RESPONSIBLE leader! :salute: )
:bulletred: 2nd. Terence (A leader needs a guardian. So Terence is the 2nd in command. :aww:)
:bulletblue: 3rd. Jay, Jake, and Jim (We almost have the same personalities: wild. :XD: )
:bulletblack: 4th. Bomb (Loves to teach the kids how to have fun! :w00t: )
:bulletyellow: 5th. Chuck (Always competitive but still cares for everyone! :thanks: )
:bulletpink: 6th. Stella (Has her own exciting adventure! Has her own flock. :teamwork: )
:bulletorange: 7th. Bubbles (We love candy. Period. :hungry: )
:bulletwhite: 8th. Matilda (I like to cook, like Matilda, but the outcomes are unexpected... ^^; )
:bulletgreen: 9th. Hal (The best adventure goer with The Blues! Always ready for adventures! :dance:
:bulletpurple: 10th. Mighty Eagle (Last because I didn't even purchased him in-game. Sorry about that Mighty... :( )


Bad Piggies

:bulletgreen: 1st. Freckled Pig/Prince Porky (Has a vast creative mind! :idea: )
:bulletblue: 2nd. Mechanic Pig (Helps everybody, no matter if they are a bird or a pig. :teamwork: )
:bulletblue: 3rd. Piggy Mc'Cool (Like to sell things for others! :buymyprints: )
:bulletgreen: 4th. Pigiana Jones (Loves adventures and counter attacks on enemy piggies! :salute: )
:bulletgreen: 5th. Hambo/Goliath Pig (Has nice bodybuilding skills and [s]tealth :strong: )
:bulletgreen: 6th. Minion Pigs (Always loyal! :aww: )
:bulletorange: 7th. Foreman Pig (Gotta love that orange mustache! He combs it everyday! :D )
:bulletblack: 8th. Corporal Pig (Much like Red, only 250% dimwitted to the Minion Pigs but still cares. :rage: )
:bulletwhite: 9th. Chef Pig (The true antagonist... :evillaugh: )
:bulletyellow: 10th. Smooth Cheeks (As Rovio said he is a "Royal Fool", he care more about food, a bit like me... ^^; )


The Amazing World of Gumball

:bulletblue: 1st. Gumball (He's cool! B-))
:bulletpink: 2nd. Richard (Has a big heart for his family. :heart: )
:bulletpink: 3rd. Anais (Wow, she's a smart kid at the age of 4! :idea: )
:bulletblue: 4th. Nicole (Loves her family and will do drastic measures just to protect them! :thanks: )
:bulletorange: 5th Darwin (Not quite smart, but cute as heck! :meow: )



:bulletyellow: 1st. Dave (He's the most caring minion in all of Grus 11k minions! :aww: )
:bulletyellow: 2nd. Stuart (Just like Dave, loves to play video games. :) )
:bulletyellow: 3rd. Kevin (He cares for Stuart and Bob in the 2015 Minions Movie .:thanks: )
:bulletyellow: 4th. Bob (Despite having two colored eyes, he is the most lovable munchkin I ever seen! :excited: )
:bulletyellow: 5th. Jerry (Has a big heart despite being a coward. :heart: )
:bulletpurple: 6th. Evil Minions (RAHH!!! BRAGGHHH!!! RRAHH?? :P)


Five Nights at Freddy's

:bulletblue: 1st. Freddy Fazbear (For me, just like Red from Angry Birds, a responsible leader. Cares for everyone. Especially Bonnie! :thanks: )
:bulletred: 2nd. Bonnie the Bunny (Loves to hang out with his friends. Cares for everybody. Especially Freddy! And of course, has interests for BUMPERCARS!!!! :excited: )
:bulletyellow: 3rd. Golden "Goldie" Freddy (Freddy's big brother. Cares for everybody, especially Freddy. :aww: )
:bulletblue: 4th. Toy Freddy (This bear is cute, only because he's chubby. :giggle: )
:bulletorange: 5th. Foxy the Pirate Fox (:music:Yar har, fiddle di dee, Being a pirate is alright with me! Do what you want ''cause a pirate is free, You are a pirate!:music: Cares for everybody, especially Chica.)
:bulletpurple: 6th. Chica the Chicken (We both love Pizza! IT LIFE!!! Cares for everybody. Especially Foxy. :hungry: )
:bulletgreen: 7th. Toy Bonnie (Blue is my favorite color though. Nice guitar skillz! :bulletblue: )
:bulletwhite: 8th. Mangle the Mango-- I-I mean Mangle the Fox (Despite being a mess of parts, she still has a big heart for everyone! :heart: )
:bulletpink: 9th. Toy Chica (She's cute and of course, love pizza! PIZZA IS LIFE!!! :hungry: )
:bulletblue: 10th. Balloon Boy abbreviated as BB (Loves balloons, just like me when I was a kiddo. :) )

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3. Ah yes. In Miiverse I'm mostly active there for a while (a reason why I haven't drawn anything here) However, I made some drawings there and maybe I could improve them and post the drawings here.

4. Yes! I'll be hyped at DM3 too! :D
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